Guggul Therapy ARGONE-MR is powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and anti- rheumatic capsule. An ideal anti-rheumatic drug is one which has full potency without any side effect. ARGONE-MR Capsule is a potent nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is free from any side effect. Therefore, ARGONE-MR capsule is an ideal anti-rheumatic preparation. The ingredients Sallaki Gum, Mahayogaraj Guggul, Abha Guggul, Laxadi Guggul, and Kishor Guggul are very effective, at the same time completely safe in Rheumatism. Sallaki has the effect on gout and gouty arthritis.

Composition : Each Hard gelatin Capsule contains :

Shuddha Sallaki Gum.    (A.B.) 200 mg.
Mahayogaraj Guggul    (R.T.S.- I) 100 mg.
Abha Guggul    (R.T.S.- I) 100 mg.
Laxadi Guggul    (R.T.S.- I) 100 mg.
Kishore Guggul    (R.T.S.- I) 100 mg.
Kukkutandatwak Bhasma    (R.T.S.- I) 25 mg.


Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint and muscular pains, Low backache, Lumbago, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow, Morning stiffness, Stiffness of joints, Gout & Gouty arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteomyelitis, Osteoporosis.


1 to 2 Capsules two times in a day after meal or as directed by the Physician. It can also be Given T.I.D. dosage if required initially.


A box containing 20 Strips of Blister with three colour Foil Printing. Each Strips containing 10 capsules of ARGONE - MR.

Featured Box Image

Featured Box Image