Herble Anti-Bacterial...

Bacterid Syrup possesses immune-modulator and anti-inflammatory properties, which potentiate the non-specific immune responses of the body. Bacterid stimulates phagocytosis by macrophage activation, increases the polymorphonuclear cells and helps overcome infection. Bacterid builds up resistance to infection and helps prevent re-infection.

Composition : Each 5ml. contains :

Guggul Gum Purified (Commiphora mukul) (A.B.) 80 mg.
Extracts derived from :
Maharasnadi Quath   (A.B.) 30 mg.
Hemkshiri Panchang (Argemone mexicana) (A.B.) 15 mg.
Manjistha Roots (Rubia cordifolia) (A.B.) 15 mg.
Guduchi Stems (Tinospora cordifolia) (A.B.) 15 mg.
Trikatu   (A.B.) 15 mg.
Kushtha Roots (Saussurea lappa) (A.B.) 15 mg.
Yashtimadhu Roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra) (A.B.) 8 mg.
Amala Fruits (Phyllanthus emblica) (A.B.) 8 mg.
Sariva Roots (Hemidesmus indicus) (A.B.) 8 mg.
Flavoured Syrup base.………………………………………….Q.S.
Colour : Risorcin Brown.


Upper respiratory tract infections.

Lower respiratory tract infections

Allergic disorders of upper respiratory tract

Skin & Soft tissue infections and inflammations

Dental and periodontal infections

Bones and joint infections

Urinary Tract Infection.


Infants : ½ to 1 Teaspoonful two or three times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 Teaspoonful two to three times a day.

Adults : Proportionally higher, or as directed by the Physician.


Bacterid Syrup is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage


Pet-Bottle of 100 ml.

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