Reduces Gaseousness, Naturally…

The discretely formulated DIGESTIVE Tablet

GASZYME Tablet helps in digestion by exerting, carminative, antispasmodic, anti- flatulent and antacid actions. GASZYME tablet is a natural digestive stimulant, which increases the digestibility of all food groups through its bile secretion enhancing and digestive enzyme-stimulating actions. It aids in healthy nourishment as it improves the assimilation of digested nutrients. GASZYME tablet helps relieve gaseous distension, and the carminative and antispasmodic actions facilitate expulsion of trapped gases in the gut.

Composition : Each uncoated chewable tablet contains:

Hingu Resinous cake (Ferula assafoetida) (A.B.) 50 mg.
Ardrak Rhizomes (Zingiber Officinale) (A.B.) 100 mg.
Ajamo Seeds (Carum roxburghianum) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Kalimirch Fruits (Piper nigrum) (A.B.) 20 mg.
Pudina Leaves (Mentha arvensis) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Jiraka Fruits (Cuminum Cyminum) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Lemon Extract (Citrus limon) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Vavding Seeds (Embelia Ribes) (A.B.) 10 mg.
Saindhav Salt     5 mg.


Dyspepsia & indigestion, Flatulence, Heart burn, Abdominal distension & discomfort, Belching & Bloating, G.I. Spasm, Useful in Anorexia, Irregular Bowel Movement.


1 to 2 Tablet 2 to 3 times a day for adults, or as per the advice of the Physician.


A Plastic jar pack of 250 tablets.

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Featured Box Image