When Pain & Stiffness of joint Grips your Patient

Frees your patients from Pain of Joints

All patients receiving Boswelia serrata treatment reported decrease in knee pain, increased knee flexion and increased walking distance, The frequency of swelling in the knee joint was decreased.

  • Offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.
  • Reduces joint tenderness and morning stiffness.
  • Improves mobility.
  • No Gastric irritation or ulcerogenic activity.
  • Safety on long term use.
  • Improves & stimulates Optimum of Brest milk.
  • Restores emotional feminine balance.

Composition : Each coated Tablet contains:

Shallalei Gum (Boswelia Serrelta)    (A.B.) 250 mg.
Nirgundi Punchang (Vitex Negundo)    (A.B.) 200 mg.
Excipients Q.S.


Osteoarthritis, Joint pain, Back pain, Arthralgia, Spondilytis, Painful and inflammatory conditions related to musculoskeletal system.


Not seen in standard prescribed dose.


1 to 2 tablets 2 times a day after meal or as directed by the physician.


A Plastic jar pack of 250 tablets.

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Featured Box Image