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Respiratory Range of Products

No.Product NameDosage-FormIndications
1. RESPIRID Capsules/Syrup/Tablets Asthmatic Cough, Whooping or Dry Cough, Smokers Recurring Cough, Chest Congestion, Cough due to Tuberculosis.
2. TULCOF Syrup/Capsules Herbal Cough Remedy with TULSI, Acute Common Cold, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Nasal Congestion.
3. TULCOF-PLUS Syrup A 100% herbal cough syrup, that helps in treatment of Cough, Cold. It is alcohol free, so no drowsiness while taking it.
4. PANESIA Rubefacient Muscular-aches, Muscle & Body pain/Headache associated with Common-cold.
5. FLURIM Tablet Herbal Tablet for Seasonal Fevers, Flue, Common Cold