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Skin Care Products

No.Product NameDosage-FormIndications
1. T-SORA Capsules / Lotion Herbal Capsule for Psoriasis & Skin Disorders
2. ALLERIL Capsules / Tablets Allergy, Urticaria &itching, Pruritis of Nose, Eye, Ear & Throat, Allergic skin disorders.
3. DERMAT Capsules/Tablets Allergic dermatitis, Urticaria-Eczema &Itching, Pruritus & other skin disorders.
4. NEEMI Capsules/Syrup/Cream Acne, Pimples, Boils, Carbuncles, Skin Eruptions, Scars, Blemishes, Localized Bacterial or Fungal infection,Cracked Nipples, Chilblains.
5. NEEMI-PLUS Syrup Herbal Blood Purifier & useful for various Skin Disorders
6. TRUMPH Capsules Herbal Anti-bacterial.
7. CUTEX Ointment Chilblains, Cuts-wounds &injuries, Cracked Nipples, Localized painful Cuts.
8. CUTEX-SOFT Cream Heel Repair Cream
9. METASCAB Ointment Dry & weeping Eczema, Scabies, Foul ulcers, Pruritus, Septic Cuts & wounds, Topical infections, Impetigo, Prurigo.
10. FAIRY Cream Chaped & Cracked skin, Dull skin, Wrinkles, Blemishes, Scars & Acne.
11. PIGMO Cream Vitiligo, Acquired White Patches, Depigmentation of Skin, Lightening of Skin, Leucoderma. Uneven pigmentation of the skin,
12. D R C Diaper Rash Cream Cream Treats Skin Rashes, Inflammation and Irritations caused due to rubbing of DIAPERS to the Baby, Naturally.
13. DETOX Tablets An Efficient Blood Purifier and Detoxifies