CINQUIN Capsules

The Herbal Anit-Malerial

CINQUIN is a QUININE product without QUININE and its drastic effects. CINQUIN is very effective in treatment and prophylaxis of Malaria and its effects. CINQUIN the herbal anti-malarial drug of choice, with dominating effect, in malaria, resistant to Chloroquine and similar anti-malarial drugs, without causing any injurious effects to the patients. It can be freely used, for a longer duration if needed. It contains the age old medicines supplemented by other antipyretic and febrifuge herbs.

Composition of CINQUIN Capsule : Each Hard gelatin Capsule contains:

 Cinchona Bark  (Cinchona officinalis)  (Bh.P.) 150 mg.
 Kuberaksha Seeds  (Caesalpinia crista)  (A.B.) 100 mg.
 Aranya Jirak Seeds  (Nigella sativa)  (A.B.) 50 mg.
 Katuka Rhizomes  (Picrorhiza kurroa)  (A.B.) 50 mg.
 Kirata Tikka Panchang  (Swertia chirayita)  (A.B.) 50 mg.
 Saptaparna Chhal  (Alstonia scholaris)  (B.N.R.) 50 mg.
 Excipients ……………………………………………….Q.S.


Malarial fevers and its ill effects, Prophylaxis against recurrences. A good alternative to other Anti-malarial drugs. Can be given for a longer periods if needed


This drug may be avoided during Pregnancy.


CINQUIN Capsule : 2 Capsules 3 Times a day, for 3 Days, thereafter 2 Capsule 2 times a day for subsequent days, OR as directed by the Physician. It can be given for a longer period if needed.


CINQUIN Capsule : A Box containing 10 Blister packs each of 10 Capsules.

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