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Extending the Blossom of Health Through Natural Remedies



Influence of our ANCIENT SYSTEM OF SCIENCE OF HEALING is growing day by day over the World in some form or the other. W.H.O. has out rightly testified that AYURVEDIC DOCTRINE is an outstanding ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE today as compared to any other SYSTEM of INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY, since AYURVEDA has a Deep History, well documented in our SCRIPTURES (VEDAS in Sanskrit), and it is realized, what was good and useful to the Humanity ages ago is still good even to this day, and shall also be beneficial in the days to come.

History Repeats. If we look back a few decades ago, The Science of Healing was considered as a MISSION from the known to the unknown, and for no consideration in return. Our Ancestors practiced HEALTH-CARE Principles as an Integral part of Life, and lived more healthier than most of us today. They were more scrupulous and observed strictly the PRESCRIPTIONS & PROSCRIPTIONS in their day-to-day life. They were much more scientific in their living habits than most of us who are shouting aloud on “SCIENCE and its PRINCIPLES” today all over the WORLD.

Thus the Influence of AYURVED, the Ancient Science, is on the Anvil-increase on the GLOBE, as Peoples are realizing its Simplicity & Usefulness.



This is a Gift bestowed upon us as a BOON from the DIVINITY & NATURE. It prevents from Deterioration, Degeneration, and Destruction of HEALTH. A pinch of Salt, a piece of Ginger or Pepper, do miracles in preventing DISEASE !

In Ancient Times, people practiced more MEDITATION, and hardly they had a chance for MEDICATION, but in this ERA OF ERRORS, we are much more dependent on MEDICATION.

All the same, we have to choose SAFE ways of MEDICATION that are suitable to our Body, OR acceptable to our BODY.

Our Body is made up of “PANCHA MAHA BHUTAS”

  • The Great FIVE ELEMENTS (Pra-panch)
  • We see and feel WATER (JAL), so also FIRE (AGNI).
  • We can only feel AIR but can not see it (VAYU).
  • We can only imagine AAKASH (COSMOS).
  • We know EARTH(BHUMI), see, and also feel it.

When all these GREAT ELEMENTS actively exists in our Body, we are said to be LIVING. When they evaporate & EXIT from our Body, it is SCIENTIFICALLY termed as DEATH. To maintain Good Health, it is very necessary to maintainand safeguard EQUILIBRIUM of the 3 DHATUS (3 Dosha THEORY). When these 3 DHATUS dysfunction, it is termed as DOSHAS(Faulty or Wrong).

A Physician diagnoses a patient’s complaints by reading the functions or dysfunctions or IMBALANCES of the 5 ELEMENTS through the 3-DOSHA THEORY, 3HUMORS-VAATA ; PITTA & KAPHA. This is known as Reading “NAADI” or “PULSE”. By this method, we can know whether the Person is at EASE (Healthy) or at DISEASE (Sick). Balancing the presence & functionsof the 5 ELEMENTS in our Body, through the 3 DOSHA THEORY, and its effects, is called TREATMENT (Toset Right the Wrong). This is to be done ONLY by NATURAL means, and with NATURAL Materials or Substances, similar to the ones our Body is made-up of.

Plant-life is Nature’s contribution to serve the Mankind, to overcome all sorts of HEALTH-HAZARDS.


AYURVEDA pronounces treatment by which the ILL HEALTH is eradicated from the Body, on one hand, and on the other hand, promotes IMMUNITY, or Defensive Forces of the Body to COMBAT the DISEASES (Outside Bacteria).

Free From Toxic Effects

Therefore, AYURVEDIC TREATMENT OF SYSTEM, and Substances used in the treatment are:


Safeguards “INNER STRENGTH” OR “RESISTANCE” in the Body.

Eminent Ayurveda Pandits (SCHOLARS), Physicians, Surgeons were also PHARMACISTS, by their Infinite knowledge and Great Insight, which they used for the Welfare of the Society. Out of the so many, Several Rishies, Munies, Charak, Sushrut & Vagbhata are a few, proved through available Documents & Texts.

Ayurveda Treatise is Divided Into Eight Principal Subjects


These were developed by the Ist Century A.D., and Principle of Medical Science was first quoted in “RUGVEDA” & “ATHARVAVEDA”, 3500 years before CHRIST as per the ALMANAC of WESTERN COUNTRIES.

CHARAK SAMHITA, written prior to 1000B.C., provides remarkable insight to the MATERIA MEDICA of the ANCIENT BHARATIYA.

The Philosophy of Life and Treatment

AYURVEDA also says,

Attention to be paid to CAUSATIVE factors (Root Cause) of the Diseases, and not the Symptoms alone.

Treat the Patient (the person) and not the Symptoms or ailments alone.

Therefore, direct & indirect remedies to justify aforesaid principles are to be chosen while melting out treatment to a patient, aiming at two TARGETS at a time : immediate relief is ensured on one hand, and on the other hand, to treat the Case permanently, as a Curative measure.

These are the guiding principles deployed as instruments in AYURVEDIC TREATISE.

Cohesion of All Systems in the Body

HOLISTIC TREATMENT is the Right Answer from time immemorial. Compartmental Treatment is of no use, and leads nowhere. There is NATURAL INTEGRAL COHESION of DIGESTIVE, NERVOUS, CIRCULATORY and RESPIRATORY Systems, for Good and Bad. Therefore, the treatment aimed at, must tackle all these Systems, and set matters right perfectly.

The Composition of any PATENT MEDICINE consists of NATURAL MEDICINAL SUBSTANCES which exert action in a most NATURAL way, on these 4 main Systems, said above, proportionately to combat the DISEASE, because Causative factors could arise from combined dysfunctions of these Systems in the Body, and not in ISOLATION.

It is for PHYSICIAN to diagnose and find out what is wrong in the whole System, which is a complicated “SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS”, and give proper Treatment, effectively.

There lies the Importance for a PATENT MEDICINE, a COMPOUND MEDICINE, which comprises of INTELLIGENTLY grouped ingredients that work on these 4 SYSTEMS. Wholesome use of a HERB or PLANT is preferred the components in it, are balanced rendering No adverse effects to the Body, than using single Alkaloid, a diet or Medicine. One always cannot neglect Pulp and depend upon only Juice or Extract, in Medication Practices. Synergy of Herbs is beneficial than Isolated active principle from a Plant. It is also HARMLESS.

AYURVEDA is an Ancient Science with a long unbroken legend and tradition of Safety & Efficacy. AYURVEDA can be programmed to meet with many a Man’s needs, and face up to the challenges of the CENTURY, and future.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Certain Plants, Creepers, and Herbs resemble different parts of HUMAN BODY, in shape, shade and texture. This similarity is believed to be useful as a guiding factor, to treat that particularly resembling part of the Body, in case of any Health Derangement. This is the Doctrine of Signatures.

For example, take the Plant “GINSING” which resembles exactly a Human Body. So also “BADAAM” piece, Almond which resembles the EYE and EYE SIGHT. Several instances can be quoted as proven record. Yellow-Saffron is useful in the treatment of Jaundice. Sandalwood and its Oil, and Red Rose Petals are quite useful in Blood Diseases and Anemia. Milk and Milk-like substances are regarded as Promotives and Proto-Plasmic Cell Fluids.

The Greatest difference in the Western & Indian Approaches in treating the diseases is, the former concentrates on destroying Diseases by direct means of action, Whereas AYURVEDA principles help to promote and increase the RESISTANCE POWER of the Body to combat Diseases, as a positive approach, as Harmless, and free from TOXICITY. Also the Patient is not subjected to another ailment afresh as a result of the Treatment, while getting treated for the one, already suffering from.

This is an OUT-STANDING WISDOM since Centuries and from Generations.

AYURVEDA has to its credit, defining several Chapters and different approaches towards PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. Treatment is suggested through Theories of MEDICO-LEGAL, ASTRO-MEDICAL, ACUPUNCTURE, MAGNETO or ELECTRO-WAVE Treatment, Treatment through wearing ORIENTAL METALLIC ORNAMENTS studied with GEMS, and their reflective effects cast on our system of Health(each GEM is prescribed and attributed to a Planet and its influence on the HUMANITY), Metals & Minerals in OXODISED forms combined with HERBAL EXTRACTS through methods of TRITURATION, IONISATION and POTENTISATION or ATOMISATION processes, and also through MANTRA(Taveez), YANTRA and TANTRA, since ages, and prevalent even to this day. We cannot blame TEXTS on these subjects if no useful effects are found of these Theories. We have only to blame the Practitioners of these Theories, if they are unable to give us desired benefits, which are due to certain lapses on their part.

It is very interesting to know, that each of the FIVE FINGURES of a HUMAN HAND, is associated with different ORGANIC System of the Body, and this Theory is also well documented. Further, this Theory is also well connected with “ASTRO-PALMISTRY” Science linked with PLANETS.

THUMB with Vitality and General Debility, INDEX FINGURE with Respiratory System and Stomach, The MiDDLE FINGURE with LIVER and INTESTINES, The RING FINGURE with KIDNEY and Circulatory System, and the LAST LITTLE Fingure denotes the Status of the Feet and Sexual Glands, Habits, Conduct and Character etc. It is in practice and Scientifically well acknowledged, that through PALM-READING and HOROSCOPE –STUDY, solution to treat ill health, and providing clue for suitable treatment, are possible, supported by Clinical Studies. ANTI-DOTES are prepared to counter-act the bad effects of concerned PLANETS and their influences, through MANTRAS AND YANTRAS or TANTRAS, just as any PHYSICIAN treats the disease through Remedial MEDICATION. Selection of Medication also becomes easier through this SCIENCE.

AYURVEDA is a DIVINE GIFT. It is a Boon from the NATURE, as already said. It has several and numerous chapters dealing with different subjects and modes and methods of TREATMENT. “MANTRA, TANTRA & YANTRA”, are also the main subjects through which TEXTS have classified Treatment to be meted out to the suffering. One of the most important Chapter is “ASTRO-MEDICAL”. Astronomy is read through the Horoscope of a Person, vice a versa, and ill effects are nullified by correcting the Doshas of GRAHAS, placed in Horoscope of a Person at a time of his/her Birth. This Science reading is not to be just checked out or dismissed. It is also one of the correct approaches to set right a Person’s Health, on correct lines, and remove or lessen the Hazards of ill –health.

There is a definite reflective effect of the PLANETS on our HEALTH. Good and Bad occur according to the movements of these Planets, their houses, their mixing with the favorable or un-favorable Planets, within themselves. This is an exclusive Calculation, and it is minutely elaborate.

HINDU Mythology has explained this Science in enough Codes and Words. Even an ordinary Pujari in a Mandir, who is usually Scholar(Pandit) gives Tulsi-teerth of God, as CHARNAMRIT, with a blessing from his side, reading as “ A MRITYU HARANAM, SEVA VYADHI NIVARNAM MRITUNJAYA PADODAKAM PAVANAM SHUBHAM” and further adds “AYUR-AROGYABHI VRIDDHI--RASTU”. This is understood by one and all. This Pandit worships SHANKH & SALIGRAM and idols, always, without lapse, therefore, there is certain Will Power and Strength in his Words.

HINDU Mythology prescribes, SANKH, SALIGRAM, YAGNOPAVEETHAM, RECITATION OF PURANAS, WEARING OF GEMS & ORNAMENTS, and particularly VRIKSHA POOJA(Prayers of Plants) in the upkeepment of Good Mental and Bodily Health. We strongly do have faith in this.

Maintenance of EQUILIBRIUM of VAAT, PITTA & KAPHA, and failures in these 3 DOSHAS, are the root cause of HEALTH FAILURES, according to AYURVEDA. Whereas HOMEOPATHY preaches that MIND is responsible for Good and Bad of HEALTH. Also, if Internal Stamina OR Energy is lost, deterioration of Good Health starts. NATUROPATHY tells that we should have Balance of Nutrition. It is also said that, superfluous diet, sleep, awaking, too much of labour, become the root cause of debilitation. All these are the Branches of the same Science.


PURANAS speak that everything in this UNIVERSE has come out from the Body of the GOD-The Creator. We need not go into details in this, for the present. Birth & Death are the two ends of a Material. In a Circle, if it starts from Birth, It ends with Death. Earth gets stimulates by the effect of SURYA, whereas by the effects of MOON, it gets cools down. RAHU shadows EARTH, and KETU shadows MOON. The Drastic exposure from both, RAHU & KETU, brings-in the Death of a HUMAN. Therefore, Pandits say that HUMANS need the sympathy from RAHU & KETU, throughout their life to ward-off unfavorable circumstances.

According to particular Chapter of the ASROLOGY, “ASHTAMI” lessens the ill effects of Health Hazards. SUN & MOON are at 90 Degrees angle with the EARTH on “ASHTAMI”.

When MOON is in the First Half of the Month(Full Moon Period) Skin affections and Mental derailment cases get aggravated. Similarly it is proved that the effects of MOON are cast on the MENSTRUAL CYCLE of WOMAN. It is also known fact that GURU has special effects on the HUMAN, and brightens the prospects. NAVAGRAHAS (Nine Planets) & DWADASA RASIS (12 RASIS) have their individual effects on HUMAN SYSTEM, Good and Bad. These control the VAAT, PITTA & KAPHA, Tri Doshas. Even STARS focus effects, which speak Good-Health & Bad-Health.

For example, GURU & MOON if Ruling a Person, he is subjected to Cold & Respiratory Troubles (KAPHA). SURYA & KUJA aggravates PITTA, resulting in Skin eruptions. SHANI, RAHU and KETU aggravate VAAT. Such persons suffer from usually OBESITY, RHEUMATISM, ARTHRITIS. If the RASI is also unfavorable, then the person suffers too much, in the ORGANS.