CUTEX-SOFT Heel Repair Cream

"Cutex Soft, Relief & Comfort to your Feet"

Key Ingredients :

TIL OIL: It Is Naturally Antibacterial For Common Skin Pathogens, Such As Staphylococcus and Streptococcus As well As Common Skin Fungi, Such As Athlete’s Foot Fungus. It Keeps the Skin Supple And Soft. It Heals And Protects Areas Of Mild Scrapes, Cuts And Abrasions.

JATYADI OIL :Jatyadi oil is antiseptic, anti bacterial, promotes tissue, repair process. It has a soothing and emollient action. The drug has antiinflammatery action and reduces the associated swelling. Jatyadi oil prevents the sensation of burning1. It is useful in itching, boil, sinus, wounds due to sharp weapons, burn ulcer, injury caused by teeth and nails, and non healing ulcers2.3.

Composition :

Til Oil ( Sesamum indicum) ( A.P.I.-I ) 10 % v/w
Jatyadi Oil   (R.T.S.- I) 1 % v/w
Extracts derived from :
Haldi Rhizomes (Curcuma longa) (A.B.) 2 % w/w
Daruharidra Roots (Berberis aristata) (A.B.) 1.5 % w/w
Kapila Fruits (Mallotus philippensis) (A.B.) 1 % w/w
Manjistha Roots (Rubia cordifolia) (A.B.) 3 % w/w
Vidarikanda Roots (Pueraria tuberosa) (A.B.) 0.5 % w/w
Kokam Fruits (Garciniai indica) (A.B.) 1 % w/w
Pashanbheda Rhizomes (Bergenia ligulata) (A.B.) 0.5 % w/w
Morthuthu   ( A.P.I.-I ) 0.5 % w/w
Sarja Rasa (Vateria indica) ( A.P.I.-I ) 1 % w/w
Cream base Q.S. to make…………………………100%


Used in Chilblain, Cuts, Wounds, Injuries, Skin Rash, Cracked heels / soles , Rough feet Cracked Heel, Foot and Fingers. It makes foot skin soft and supple.


Apply 2 to 3 times a day after washing the affected parts with warm water and rub gently. Cover with Bandage if required. For External use only.


25 gm. Lammi Tube. with Carton.

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