New Products


No.Product NameDosage-FormIndications
1. TRIDANG Syrup / Capsules  A Natural Platelet Booster For management of Low Platelet Count due to Dengue
2. OXTONE-PLUS Capsules Herbal Capsules for Kidney & Urinary Stone Expeller.
3. FEMIGROW Capsules  Herbal Capsule for Threatened and habitual abortion, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Nausea & Vomiting of early  pregnancy, for Smooth & Healthy pregnancy.
4. HYSPOND Capsules  Herbal Capsule for Spondylitis, Cevical Spondylosis, Neruralgia of shoulder and back.
5. T-SORA Capsules / Lotion  Herbal Capsule for Psoriasis & Skin Disorders
6. HYCLOT Capsules  Herbal Capsule for Blood Clotting
7. TRIVITAL Capsules A Herbal Anti-Oxidant Capsule
8. QUSHBU Hair Oil / Capsules  Medicated Hair Oil.
9. AYUHEM Syrup / Capsules  Anemia, Pregnancy & Lactation, Iron & Calcium Deficiecy, Malnutrition & Convalescence
10. CALVEGE Syrup  Natural Calcium Supplement with Trace Elements
11. ALKAGENE Syrup  Best Herbal Alkaliser for Urinary Problems
12. NEEMI-PLUS Syrup  Herbal Blood Purifier & useful for various Skin Disorders
13. QUIZZ Syrup / Capsules  For Type II Diabetes. Adjuvant to Allopathic Anti Diabetic Drugs.
14. RESPIRID Capsules/Syrup/Tablets  Asthmatic Cough, Whooping or Dry Cough, Smokers Recurring Cough, Chest Congestion, Cough due to  Tuberculosis.
15. TULCOF-PLUS Syrup  A 100% herbal cough syrup, that helps in treatment of Cough, Cold. It is alcohol free, so no drowsiness  while taking it.
16. TRIGRAIN Tablets Herbal tablet for Migraine Headaches
17. TRIDIPIN Tablet Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure
18. FLURIM Tablet Herbal Tablet for Seasonal Fevers, Flue, Common Cold