OXTONE Capsules/Syrup

Quick Disintegration of Renal Calculi

At Present there is no Contribution from synthetic drugs, which can disintegrate the Urinary Calculi without risk of after effect and without surgery.

There are many limitations when patients are anemic, hypertensive and diabetic. Moreover the treatment is so expensive and has many complications like recurrence of calculi.

OXTONE is a gift from Ayurvedic Science. It also provides safe diuretic effect, a relief from colic and spasm, checks burning maturation and episodes of secondary infections. OXTONE Prevents Surgical intervention and relapse.

Composition of OXTONE Capsules: Each Hard gelatin Capsule contains:

Chandra Prabha (R.T.S.- I) 140mg.
Eladi Churna (A.B.) 100mg.
Hajrool Yahud Bhasma (R.T.S.- I) 80mg.
Trivikram Rasa (R.T.S.- I) 40mg.
Saubhagya Shuddha (Tankan) (A.B.) 40mg.
Excipients ……………………………………….Q.S.

Composition of OXTONE Syrup : Each 10ml. contains :

Saubhagya Shuddha (Tankan) (A.B.) 40mg.
Nimbak Sat (Citrus acida) (A.B.) 40mg.
Sarjikakshar   (A.B.) 20mg.
Mulikshar (Raphanus sativus) (A.B.) 10mg.
Yavkshar (Hordeum vulgare) (A.B.) 10mg.
Hingu Niryas (Ferula assafoetida) (A.B.) 5mg.
Piparminta Sat (Mentha piperita) (A.B.) 2mg.
Extracts derived from :
Varuna Chhal (Crataeva nurvala) (A.B.) 50mg.
Gokshuru Fruits (Tribulus terrestris) (A.B.) 50mg.
Kankol Fruits (Piper cubeba ) (A.B.) 50mg.
Kantakarika Panchang (Solanum surattense) (A.B.) 20mg.
Sunth Rhizomes (Zingiber officinale) (A.B.) 20mg.
Eranda Beej (Ricinus communis) (A.B.) 20mg.
Valo Root (Vetiveria zizanioides) (A.B.) 20mg.
Flavoured Syrup base.…………………………………….Q.S.


Renal Calculi, Urethral Calculi, Dysuria and Haematuria, Burning Micturition, Urinary Tract Infections, Secondary Infections due to Calculi, disintegrates calculi in to smaller particles.


OXTONE Capsules : - 1 TO 2 CAPSULES 3 times in Day or Advised by the Physician. Preferably with plenty of water or with Coconut Water as better diuresis to expel calculi. OXTONE capsule can be more effective if it is taken with OXTONE syrup.

OXTONE Syrup : - Two to three teaspoonfuls 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician with plenty of water preferably coconut water. For faster and better results both capsule and syrup should be given together for expulsion of calculous from ureter and bladder. OXTONE syrup can be more effective if it is taken with OXTONE capsule.  


OXTONE Capsules : - A box contain 10 strips of OXTONE capsule, each of 10 capsule.

OXTONE Syrup : - 200 ml pet bottle with attractive outer carton pack.

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