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Enlarged Prostate or In Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

What is the Prostate?The Prostate is a small gland in the male reproductive system. It is located below the bladder and is wrapped around the urethra (the tube for urine to flow). Prostate contributes to the milky fluid (Semen) that helps carry the sperm. What is enlarged prostate or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy? As men age, their prostate enlarges. This condition is non – cancerous and is called enlarged prostate, or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy ( BPH ) At what age does BPH develop? One in four men over 40, and one in three men over 60, have BPH. The prostate often starts enlarging when a man past forty. How does BPH occur? BPH is a consequence of aging and a disorder of the male hormone testosterone, which triggers growth in prostate cells. As the prostate grows larger, it may press on the urethra. The narrowing of the urethra can cause some men with BPH to have trouble with urination. Enlarged Prostate Gland obstructs Urine outflow, and the Bladder is never completely emptied. Bladder infections or CYSTITIS may arise, from infections in other areas such as PROSTATE, KIDNEYS & URETHRA etc. Continuous draining of PUS and Germs from the infected Kidneys may injure the epithelial lining of Bladder. Troubles may also arise from the presence of a STONE in either BLADDER or KIDNEYS. An Enlarged Prostate may also result in Bladder infection. The pressure tends to push the enlarged Prostate against the Urethral wall, thus enhancing obstruction. Obstruction is usually followed by Hypertrophy and dilation of URINARY BLADDER, with formation of DIVERTICULA. The dilatation progresses beyond the Urinary Bladder, extending to involve URETER AND KIDNEY, followed in CYSTITIS & PYELONEPHRITIS. What are the Symptoms of ENLARGED PROSTATE OR INFECTED BLADDER?Frequent Urination with Burning Sensation. Continual Urge to Void the Bladder. Blood may be noted at the end of Urination. Dysuria that is painful Urination with difficulty. Patients may also complain CHILL, FEVER, and HEADACHE & FATIGUE.URINARY incontinence means inability to control emptying of Urine. Involuntary escape of Urine. Occurring of dropping after completing Urine.


Composition : Each Hard gelatin Capsule contains :

Jeevitapradavati   (R.T.S.- I) 100mg.
Dashmul   (A.B) 100mg.
Punarnava Roots (Boerhavia diffusa) (A.B) 60mg.
Gokshuru Fruits (Tribulus terrestris) (A.B) 50mg.
Chandan Woods (Santalum album) (A.B) 40mg.
Ushir Roots (Vetiveria zizanioides) (A.B) 40mg.
Kankol Fruits (Piper cubeba) (A.B) 40mg.
Shilajeet Shuddha   (A.B) 30mg.
Banga Bhasma   (R.T.S.- I) 20mg.
Excipients ……………………….Q.S.


Relieves Painful Micturition, Promotes Urinary Bladder tone, Postpones or avers surgical intervention, controls the progressive enlargement of the prostate, safe & virtually free from adverse effect.


2 capsules three times in a day for two weeks, followed by 1 Capsule three times a day for 15 days. Then one capsule two times in a day can be given up to six months depending up on severity and individual response. The treatment of BPH requires long-term administration of QUEST Capsules, and the assessment of the response should be monitored with appropriate measures.


A Box containing 10 blister strips and each strip contains 10 Capsules of Quest.

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